Washington University in St. Louis

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Washington University in St. Louis
Established: 1853
Country: United States
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Doctor of Liberal Arts
Humanities - Liberal Arts
Residency Requirements: Two required DLA seminars.
The Doctor of Liberal Arts (DLA) is designed for the experienced adult learner who wishes to pursue rigorous interdisciplinary study along with independent, scholarly reading and research. The degree is designed to cultivate interdisciplinary skills, intellectual habits, analytical and critical reasoning, effective writing, and broad-based decision making. The DLA is primarily for working professionals who have already earned a master’s degree and who seek further intellectual enrichment while pursuing advanced graduate study on an evening, part-time basis. This degree neither constitutes a professional credential nor provides training for an academic career.
Length: 4 to 5 years
Required GPA: 3.7+
Required Master's Degree: Yes
In-State: -
Out-of-State: -