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The Best Online Doctorate Programs in Education for 2024

Pursuing an online doctorate in education offers flexibility and access to top-tier programs without disrupting professional and personal commitments. Below are some of the best online doctorate programs in education for 2024, based on information from

1. Columbia University

  • Program: Ed.D. in Nursing Education
  • Key Features: Minimal residency requirements. Designed for those aiming to advance in nursing education, integrating comprehensive research and practical applications.
  • ARWU Rank: 8

2. Johns Hopkins University

  • Program: Doctor of Education (EdD)
  • Key Features: Three-day summer residencies. Designed to be completed in less than three years with a focus on evidence-based practice and leadership.
  • ARWU Rank: 14

3. University of Florida

  • Program: Ed.D. in Curriculum, Teaching, and Teacher Instruction
  • Key Features: Various on-campus sessions required. Emphasizes practical application and research in educational methods and technologies.
  • ARWU Rank: 94

4. University of Glasgow

  • Program: Doctorate in Education
  • Key Features: One weekend in Glasgow per semester. Aims to develop leadership and research skills with a strong theoretical foundation.
  • ARWU Rank: 101-150

5. Texas A&M University

  • Program: Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Key Features: Periodic face-to-face orientations to enhance cohort bonding and practical training. Typically spans over three years with a curriculum that merges theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • ARWU Rank: 151-200

Why Choose an Online Doctorate in Education?

  • Flexibility: Online programs allow educators to pursue advanced degrees while maintaining their professional roles, offering a balanced approach to work, study, and personal life.
  • Practical Application: The curriculum is designed to immediately apply the skills and knowledge gained in real-world educational settings, enhancing both personal and institutional effectiveness.
  • Global Networking: These programs offer opportunities to connect with a diverse group of educators and leaders worldwide, fostering a broad perspective on educational practices and policies.


Earning an online doctorate in education can significantly enhance your career opportunities and equip you with the skills necessary to lead and innovate in various educational settings. These top programs provide rigorous, flexible, and accessible options to achieve your professional goals. Explore detailed program offerings and admission requirements to find the best fit for your aspirations.